Chirag Pandit

Interactive Applications Developer and User eXperience Desiginer.

out.println("Hello World...!");

Welcome to my playground into engineering.

Projects Engineered...

Project Saikiran. aka saikiranBookStoreApp

An Online Retail Management and Custommer Order Processing System.

  • A full fledged online retail website system using java technologies
  • Frontend supported with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Images used as resources only when they are in a real need For Eg. A product informational purpose
  • Ajax powered site using jQuery as base for javascript search for both Administrator as well as Clients
  • Product image gallery for both the usecases admin/client
  • Quick dashboard views,
  • Dashboard consists of the monthly sales and reporting charts powered by google charts
    • Some of the charts include
    • Top most view products
    • Top sold products
    • The monthly sales revenue and purchases being made by the store